Sunday, 21 November 2010

More little wonders

Busy week this week, have three new little felties to show you.  I love making these guys.  I nearly have four but haven't quite finished the cob yet.  The first little horse is Ebony a lovely little black mare.  She measures just under 4 inches.  She is a lovely mare, with a fantastic nature,  She is a novice level with her dressage, I think she will go really far in this field.

Second little feltie really is a little cutie.  She is called Leabeth, a little grey Shetland pony.  She measure just over 3 1/12 inches.  She is a very strong little pony, so would not be a first pony.  She is fantastic a the SShetland grand national.  She doesn't like being in her stable and would happy to live out all year round.

Last but not least is the grand show off Riley.  He is a beautiful Arab gelding he really is a poser.  He is very green, and very interest in everything around him, which can be a bit of a pain sometimes.  He has been backed but need bringing on.  He has a lovely nature, but very green.

These little guys are worked to 1/24th scale.