Saturday, 13 April 2013

Completed commission

Just finished this commission.  She will be heading for Canada very shortly.  I'm making a Norwegian fjord at the moment.  This isn't a commission, just a breed I like a lot. I have caught up with my commissions at the moment, which is good.  I was going to make a Suffolk Punch from a new pattern before the Fjord, but I cut the pattern wrong and didn't have enough felt left.  I am ordering some more so I can carry on.
Been baking quite a lot.  Also gardening in the rain, because every time I go to do it it rains, so I thought in the rain it must be.  You watch it will lovely tomorrow.  I think us in the UK have forgot what nice weather looks like lol.  Well less of me waffling on and down to the pic.  Here is the commission pony.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Spring mare and foal

We had a lovely spring day yesterday.  I have been making a mare and foal in the hope that it would encourage the nice weather.  Well I think it worked yesterday, but very short lived as today is back to it's normal dull self.  I have been making a commission portrait feltie aswell, which is coming along nicely  I have got the baking bug.  I am really enjoying making cakes.  Also my knitting is coming on very slowly.  I am making an aran jumper.  So as you can see I have my fingers in very many pie. I can never just do one thing at a time.  Well here are the pics of the mare and foal.  The mare is called Grace and the foal is Rosie.