Sunday, 16 January 2011


It has taken me awhile to get back to normal after Christmas.  I have made these two last week, more to follow.
First up is Harry the dapple Arab gelding.
Bit fuzzy this photo sorry, the camera was being a little naughty.  This little Arab is a very nervous chap, but very loving.  He is good around the stable, but he does not like new people.  He does not load well or travel well.  His nervous nature makes showing impossible.  He does not like to hack alone, but is fine in company.  He likes to be in his stable when the weather is bad. 

Next feltie is Murtle the Gypsy Vanner.
Murtle is a very strong pony, but a good all rounder.  She is good to do in all areas, just need a strong rider to keep her in check.  She has been in the rosettes and has breed a lovely foal last year.