Thursday, 3 April 2014

Paper running horse's

Have been very slowly working on my horse's.  Other life bits and bobs keep me busy, so have to squeeze these guy's in where I can.  Still haven't got round to the riders of tack yet.  I love making the horse's so much I can't pull myself away.  My Gypsy vanner will be up soon, she just need her mane and tail.  Not sure if I have any of the mohair colour that I want to put on her.  If I don't then she will have to wait until I have ordered some, she doesn't seem to be any great hurry.  I really want to get some live showing done this year.  I can't believe we are into April already. 

I have decided to add my baking photo's on here as well, this is another one of my passions.  They will be add on the end of each post if I have anything to put.
Couple of running paper horse's. Hope they don't run off before I have finished them.
Here is where they live for now, drying on the radiator.  Will miss this in the summer when the heating goes off.

And here is what I baked yesterday, lemon bars.  Very very tangy these, you couldn't eat to much of them in one sitting. 

Monday, 31 March 2014

Bare bones

Well not much creating done over the weekend, what with doing the garden on Saturday, then having Mum round for mothers day.  Here is a photo of my next model in the very early stages.  You get a little glimpse of my vanner nearly finished in the background.   Been on the hunt for really soft leather to start making some saddles for these guys.  I think I will try to make some dogs as well.  I have so much in mind, I just run out of time.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

I can post photos Yah!

Was looking at other peoples messages about not being able to post photos, they were saying that if you use firefox you will be able to.  I have firefox so gave it a go and it worked.  So have some real catching up to do on here.  I am still on tumber also. nothing like having your fingers in many pie's.  As you may or may not know I have started to make hard sculptures instead of the felties.  I felt I had taken the felties as far as I could go and needed to progress.  I have many photo's of these models in progress.  Here are some for you to have a butcher's at.  Also finshed model photo's.  Will be back on here regularly so check back often.

 These are some rider heads

 This Meadow all finished, she is slightly larger than the 1/12 scale I am making, I have just placed her as a large horse
 This is Forest the Exmoor Pony