Thursday, 3 April 2014

Paper running horse's

Have been very slowly working on my horse's.  Other life bits and bobs keep me busy, so have to squeeze these guy's in where I can.  Still haven't got round to the riders of tack yet.  I love making the horse's so much I can't pull myself away.  My Gypsy vanner will be up soon, she just need her mane and tail.  Not sure if I have any of the mohair colour that I want to put on her.  If I don't then she will have to wait until I have ordered some, she doesn't seem to be any great hurry.  I really want to get some live showing done this year.  I can't believe we are into April already. 

I have decided to add my baking photo's on here as well, this is another one of my passions.  They will be add on the end of each post if I have anything to put.
Couple of running paper horse's. Hope they don't run off before I have finished them.
Here is where they live for now, drying on the radiator.  Will miss this in the summer when the heating goes off.

And here is what I baked yesterday, lemon bars.  Very very tangy these, you couldn't eat to much of them in one sitting. 


  1. Love seeing these horses in progress. I made a couple of paper mache/ masking tape ones once but didn't ever get around to finishing them. How do you manage to get the finish so smooth, if you don't mind me asking? :)

    Those lemon bars look amazing!

    1. Thank you Chloe for your lovely comments. I love sanding, I also use a little bit of air dry clay.