Sunday, 30 March 2014

I can post photos Yah!

Was looking at other peoples messages about not being able to post photos, they were saying that if you use firefox you will be able to.  I have firefox so gave it a go and it worked.  So have some real catching up to do on here.  I am still on tumber also. nothing like having your fingers in many pie's.  As you may or may not know I have started to make hard sculptures instead of the felties.  I felt I had taken the felties as far as I could go and needed to progress.  I have many photo's of these models in progress.  Here are some for you to have a butcher's at.  Also finshed model photo's.  Will be back on here regularly so check back often.

 These are some rider heads

 This Meadow all finished, she is slightly larger than the 1/12 scale I am making, I have just placed her as a large horse
 This is Forest the Exmoor Pony


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