Sunday, 28 November 2010

Gypsy Vanner

Here is my latest feltie Pearl.  She is a 1/24th scale Gypsy Vanner mare.  I have also managed to put together a snow background.  We have signs of snow here tonight.  We have managed to stay snow free upto now, but snow has been at the Tawney yard for a couple of days.

Pearl is a lovely natured cob, a really nice novice ride.  She will pull when being turnout to grass but other than that she is good.  She will hack out alone and in company.  She will go first and last.  She hates to be in the school, but if you are looking for a show cob she's your horse.  She prefers to live out, is good with children and other animals and stable chums. 


Frostie weather everywhere.  Have had a really slow week.  Just haven't been able to get myself into gear.  I will be posting another feltie later today/tomorrow.  Might be two if I can get my finger out.  I have great problems  getting side tracked onto other projects.  I am also an artist doing landscapes and horses, sometimes people.  I will have to manage my time better between felties, art and housework and looking after everyone lol.

Snow has come to the Tawney yard, I am going to have some pic later of that (I hope).  Will post later.