Sunday, 22 May 2011

New Mounts on the yard

Oh my I didn't realise I had been away so long.  Where does the time go.  I am sorry for the long absents.  I have been really busy with crafting.  Here are my latest makes.
First up is Romeo the Arab gelding.  He is worked to 1/12th scale.  Measureing 6 inches tall, well just over.

He is a fantastic show horse with no baggage.  He loves to please.  He is very green, but making great progress.  

Next up is the cheeky Rupert.  He measures 5 inches tall and also worked to 1/12th scale.  I have made him with a hogged mane so he is already for the show ring.
Rupert is a very lively,  He is full of fun.  He needs a very strong hand to ride and turn out.  But he is a lovely Cob.

Hope not to be gone for so long next time.