Friday, 6 May 2016

New solid models

Taken me awhile to take photos of this new bunch.  My usual camera is broken, so haven't got the usual quality pic's.  All my models are now soild and durable.  I'm making a gypsy vanner at the moment.  Must admit I am really enjoying make these solid horses.  Hope you like them.
This Summer, dappled dark bay mare.

This is Tarka the heavy horse gelding.

This is Tolkin the Clydesdale gelding.

And last but not least is Evie the little show pony mare

Will try to pop by more often, I just find flies by when your crafting.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Sorry for not posting

I have been busy making models and doing all the normal humdrum stuff.  Time really does fly, I forget to just take a moment to update my blog.  All of my models are now solid, which I have been really enjoying.  I have another four models coming up for sale shortly.  Hope to take photos in the next couple of days.  Please continue to visit and I will try to post more often.