Tuesday, 5 February 2013

All at once.

I have been really busy, that is why I have not posted for awhile.  I have many new models to show you guys.  I don't think I will make them in such a big batch next time.  I have also been celebrating my youngest son's 18th, so lots of family over so no sewing.  I have had a couple of wobbles with deviating but managed to get it into touch quite quickly which I am really pleased with.

Well here is the herd of new makes for January/February.First we have Medals who I did make some time ago, just never got round to taking photos.  He is a Morgan gelding.
Next is Sid, he was made the same time as Medals.  They have been keeping each other company.
Up next is Monty who I made with the last batch but has been waiting for a mane and tail.
Next up in this massive herd is Sandy the Donkey
Here next is Sandy's friend Welbeck, another Donkey
Still going. Told you I have been busy.  Next is Annie the Clydesdale.
Hang on in there, still more.  Here is Cloud another Shetland pony.
Next, (yes more lol), is Troy.
And finally a new pattern for this year is Bunty the Hunter mare.
I think these have been a little bit like a 62 bus, wait for ages then two come along together.  Off now to start more.  I am the mad feltie lady!!!!