Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Snowy week

Well snow has stopped play, really upsetting my fung shway.  Having to go to the gym because it is to icy to jog out.  I do find the gym mind numbing.  Car has decided it doesn't like the cold and packed up.  To be quite honest with you I am enjoying not driving.  I think the snow has gone to my head because I decided to make a Unicorn which is something out the ordinary.  I think Lottie was getting lonely being the only  mythical creature around here.  I have made her to the same scale as the normal horses, just a bit of fun really. Well here she is. 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Sheltland and Suffolk Punch this week

Well the snow is here, which I hate.  I can't do all my normal things out and about.  I hope that it will melt pretty quick.  Not missing driving though, that has been a nice change. Went to see War horse yesterday.  Thankfully we went early enough to miss the snow.

Two make this week, well not really new.  They have been around and unfinished for a couple of month.  These two I started before December, then Christmas got in the way.  

First up is Chanel the Suffolk Punch.  I think this breed is really beautiful, (well I do feel that way about all horse really but you get your fav's don't you!) . So here she is, ridden beautifully by Sarah, who will refuse to wear a riding hat.
Next is the ultra sweet Shetland pony Smudge.  Unfortunately I don't have a rider small enough to ride my Shetlands, I hope to have one soon, I think that will make them look mega sweet.