Saturday, 28 January 2012

Looks like I'v Been busy

Now I know this looks like I have been really busy but I haven't really.  Pixie and Prince have been knocking about for a couple of month, I just haven't got round to taking their photos.  Some one wanted a Friesian after seeing my last one so he was made this week, and Lottie has been around awhile, only now she has wing which someone wanted.  I think I may have ago at making some fantasy horse.  Well here are the photos.

First up is the commission Friesian, lead by the fabulous Rupert.  I think he was having a job because this was a very strong chap.

Next up is Lottie who has grown some wings

This is Prince who has been on our yard for sometime now

And last is Haflinger mare Pixie, she also has been rattling around for sometime.  I think with the busy christmas period these guys have been out at grass, which they have really enjoyed.  Back in work now.