Monday, 11 April 2011


My latest make, well not that recent, about three weeks ago.  Just never seem to have the time to take photos.  I have worked this little mare out of faux suede.  She is a pony so only measures around 5 1/2 inches tall, still worked to 1/12th scale.  

Sienna is a very nervous little mare.  Also she likes to eat her bedding.  Whilst hacking she likes to have company.  We have tried to show her in hand but she will not stand still, hates strangers.  So all in all this little mare would like a quite life of company hacks with a strong rider.



  1. What a beauty! The coloring of the head is wonderful, it looks so alive. I like the mane and tail better than of the previous horses. Did you use another material?

  2. Thank you ellis. No I used the same yarn but brushed it through to fluff the fibers.