Monday, 26 March 2012

Two new ones this week

Did the fun sports relief run yesterday.  Managed to get round three miles in 28 minutes.  I look exhausted in the photo but I'm not.  I jog three miles three times a week, so not a problem for me.  I just don't take a very good photo.  I look like that all the time lol.  It was great fun with lots of great people there all doing their bit.  Here I am.

Two new makes this week.  Have been working quite hard on these lately, and really enjoying myself.  I do tend to go off into a little world of my own.  I always say that these felties are my meditation.  Looking forward to taking some of them off to a model Julip show at the end of April.  Will get loads of pics to show everyone.
Here is the first of the two his name is Minstrel

Next is Astrid the Morgan mare.

Hope you like the new makes this week.  More to come as always.  Off to the Tate gallery Friday which I am really looking forward to.  Hubby is off this week so hoping to go to a couple of places.  Hope everyone has a good week and getting the lovely weather.

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  1. Both are beautiful, but I especially like Minstrel! I'm looking forward to the pictures of the show, it'll surely be a success.
    And I have to say I really admire you for being so fit!