Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Long break

Haven't really been making many models at the moment because I hurt my hand, which makes sewing a little sore.  It is getting better slowly so have just started up again.  I do get very despondent with these but I could not tell you why.  I like to make all sorts of things but never feel as if I make a very good job.  I keep thinking of showing my models, but tend to lack the motivation.  I think I should just go with the flow really.  The cold short days are very uninspiring, I should stop making excuses really.  I hope to have some pics soon of a horse I made to 1/9th scale out of calico. I starting her some time back, she has been waiting for her mane and tail, she keeps looking at me begging to be finished.  I think that I will show her.  I will put her up for sale, but I very much doubt the I will get what I want for her.  She took a long time to make.

Hope everyone is ok.  And thank you for sticking with me.  


  1. Hi Tania, I look forward to seeing photos of the new horse, you should definitely try showing some :)

    PS- I just thought I should mention this, hope you don't mind! Your blog posts seem to be white text on a white background so I have to highlight them to read them, this is no problem but I just thought I'd mention it just in case you wanted to change it :)

  2. Hope your hand is feeling better. Please don't stop making this lovely horses, nor give up on that poor horse without mane or tail... I'm sure it worth the price.
    Will be contacting you shortly via Etsy.