Sunday, 7 November 2010

New Models

You would not believe the amount of times I forget my password to different things.  I have to keep resetting them.

Well I finally got my hands on the camera and here are the photos of my latest model felties Smartie and Eden.
Smartie is the little black pony who is very cheeky.  He is not a novice ride as he can be very strong, and has a bad stable manner.  But he is very fast around hunter trial courses, and is always in the 1st place rosettes.
Eden is a beautiful dapple grey heavy horse.  She is the most gentle giant you would ever come across.  She is a real plod, and will not tank off with any rider.  Fantastic confident giver.

I am now working on a little Shetland pony, and trying my hand at 1/24th scale felties.  Not sure how that will work out, will post pic anyway.

Hope bonfire night went well for everyone.  We had some fantastic rockets, plus it was our wedding anniversary on Friday, so double celebrations.

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