Sunday, 14 November 2010

Some tiny Tawneys

I been making some tiny felties.  They measure just under 4 inches.  They fit most 1/24th scale riders.  I love making these.

The bay is called Storm.  He is a very cheeky pushy gelding.  We have just started jumping him, he is doing quite well at novice level.  He has been running out on the odd occasion.  He is fine with a nice strong rider, who keeps a nice strong leg on.  He likes to push you with his nose and pushing his buckets around in his stable.  He has been known to bolt, but comes back to hand with the right rider. 

The next horse is Cleo the palomino mare.  She is a very quite mare who likes a nice gentle hand.  She is a little spooky out on hacks, but we have found that if she is hacked out with another horse she is a lot better.  She is good in every other respect.  She is doing very well in the school, we think she may be good at dressage.  But we are taking it slow. 

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